Pat O’Day in Documentary Film

I Am What I Play — a movie about famous deejays!

When I wrote an article about KJR’s Golden Years, I was contacted by Roger King — the producer/director of an interesting documentary film that digs into the lives of four prominent North American radio disc jockeys. The  featured jocks are Pat O’Day (Pacific Northwest icon), Charles Laquidara (Boston), Meg Griffin (NYC) and David Marsden from Canada. The movie is titled I Am What I Play and the Internet Movie Database summarizes it in this way.

“From the 1960s to the 1980s, the rock radio DJ played an unprecedented creative role in the rock music world. I Am What I Play profiles four disc jockeys in major markets during this period: their programming, their politics and their deep connections with musicians and fans in the heyday of rock radio. Where are they now – and how did they reinvent themselves as the medium changed? Featuring the music of The Ramones, Joni Mitchell, Rush, David Bowie, The Cars, The Sonics and more.”

Pat O’Day in I Am What I Play
Personally, my being a radio enthusiast and into music, history and nostalgia, I watched the show and enjoyed it.  Parts of it were fascinating. I recall that when the documentary played in Bellingham’s best movie theater four years ago, I could not attend because I was in Mexico on vacation. I heard about it from a friend though. It was a big premier, Pat O’Day was there to present a short talk before the show.

Since I had missed the  show in the theater, I was glad to hear from Roger King. He suggested both free and highly affordable viewing options. If you are one of the millions of people with an Amazon Prime membership,  I Am What I Play is included free with Prime.  On the other hand, if you don’t belong to Amazon Prime, there are three other options that provide affordable viewing at a nominal fee of less than $5.00. Click on any of these four hyperlinks to access the show:

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