The Office: Enslaved in the corporate world

Corporate jobs confine the worker to a desk, or cubicle in the case of a call-center. If you choose to take a call-center job, have the Suicide Hotline phone number handy.

In a worse case scenario, you work second shift, so your day is shot to Hell. Add to that, many corporate jobs may require that you work weekends and most holidays. At work, there is little chance for advancement, hence the worker must work overtime, if it is available, in order to advance financially.

There may be paid leave, but only after a certain amount of time on the job. This may also be limited by seniority and the need to bid on available time. Most work is repetitive and monotonous, with stringent policies, procedures, metrics and micro-managing by supervisors. Often times, the least qualified advance to a management position. It is the best liar (ass-kisser) that grabs the golden ring.

Someone once said, “The salary is the bribe they give you to forget your dreams”. A corporate job is a soul-sucking position that should be avoided.

Author: QZVX


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