Radio. Say something, I’m giving up on you…

It’s just too damn hot this week to sit in my car and attempt to program the media center options that come with the vehicle. It seems to me that the AM radio band is either missing or hidden amongst a slew of menu options I have yet to figure out. The owner’s manual for this new Honda CRV is more than 700 pages. For most of the AM stations, there are HD channels that simulcast them. There are also the HD subchannels of stations such as KING, KIRO, iHeart & Audacy that program Hip-Hop, Blues, BBC World Service and “The Mountain” album classics format that is no longer financially viable on mainstream Seattle radio. All this and LESS. With so many HD subchannels, one would think a Boomer could find a quality 50s/60s/70s Oldies channel, Big Band, or Beautiful Music. NOPE. For variety, there are the 24/7 Christmas channel (KRWM FM HD2), 8 religious channels, 2 queer channels and a sports betting channel.
Amazon sells small plug-in devices that connect more of your smart phone apps to the car’s built-in tablet for easier selection of streaming and podcasting apps. This would deliver the Internet radio options plus Spotify and even Netflix.
Bottom line: It’s easy to connect to the car audio system to listen to the mp3 collection of your smart phone. There is always that.

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18 thoughts on “Radio. Say something, I’m giving up on you…

  1. Hey you guys….want to try something “different”? or WRMI (Short Wave) on 5050 and 9455 khz. Ted Randall has put together a host of classic (as in “old”) DJs playing the hits and a few surprises as well. WRMI legends is in stereo 24/7 at the above website. If you have a shortwave, check out the “hosted” hours (6p-11p Monday-Saturday) and specialized talk shows Sundays.

    1. There are a few choices on the website for music streaming. I had not thought about incorporating Alexa in my listening options while driving, but this is one more element to add. Thanks for the link!

  2. After the Biden talked again today, I thought, I’ll put on the news on the radio. Thought they’d have a segment or a discussion about it. Nope, they’re running a full segment about garden knomes that were stolen, then repainted and returned. Went on like that for a while. Then traffic with that gal that used to be on KIRO, Kimmy Klein, then weather, then back to some other topic. But nothing about the president speaking about how Trump is his vice president, or President Putin of Ukraine etc. Anyway, surfed the internet about it.

  3. All through the 70’s you could always find good music and great jocks. It was fun to listen to the radio.
    When I worked at KJR as a request line operator the station was fun. Listeners enjoyed being pulled over by Sunshine Sherri and winning cash and prizes. Stations today have lost the personality aspect of radio. There is too much talk and talk about stupid stuff that doesn’t matter to anyone. It is much more enjoyable to connect my phone to the car radio and listen to the songs that bring back memories of what it used to be like when the listener felt like they were a part of the station they were listening to.

      1. Well I’ve turned on KJR Sports a couple times in the morning the morning crew sucks as far as I concern and it takes three people to do a show which is ridiculous then you listen to the one that starts at 10:00 and I guess Jim Moore left I didn’t realize that and the other guy quit they’re absolutely blase and just suck then you got to put up with Ian for us for a few hours and he talks like he’s on speed when he’s trying to get through a commercial if I was a Advertiser I’d be pissed the way he handles some of

        And finally dick and softie a little bit entertaining but the day that softy made comments about Pete Carroll and having a bunch of plastic surgery and a few other negative comments screw him I guess he was mad because Pete wouldn’t come on his show so sports radio to me in Seattle is dead.

        I listen to ESPN all night when I go to sleep and then at 6:00 a.m. when I wake up I turn on Dan Patrick on Fox Sports that’s a good sports Show Seattle is absolutely dead when it comes to the good sports announcers and don’t love and let me bring up kiro 710

        I haven’t listened to them in over 5 years I think Mike Salk and Brock heard are a joke Mike Salk especially he should have been fired when they took them away from the PD position and kicked his ass out of town he thinks he’s an expert and he’s not and all I concerned about Brock heard is he’s just another clipboard caring sideline quarterback and he thinks he’s an expert

  4. Well this Boomer very rarely listens to any radio in the car or at home. I used the free one year of XM that came with both our vehicles but once ran out and Yacht Rock was gone (and not being much of a smart phone guy) I took all my old cd’s and put them on my PC hard drive then transferred them to a flash drive which we have in each car. I put the thousands of songs on “shuffle all” and most of the songs of my youth are with me. An old guy hack if you will. 😉

    1. Pretty much the same here. I also get in a zone where I will make an hour or two hour loop of various versions of a song (official video, live performance etc.) and play it to death on my commute. I did this with the theme from Succession, Grand Canyon Suite, Downton Abbey, a couple Amy Winehouse cuts, and with Teddy Swims’ I Lose Control. Sort of “mood music” recordings. These are played to death. Eventually, I drag one out again until I tire of it.

      1. Radio just doesn’t do it for me anymore. At least terrestrial, I’m usually listen to Sirius/XM or a podcast.

          1. They are robots (not speaking of XM, but present-day radio in general) and they’re not having fun. Therefore you’re not having fun listening.

          2. I think Phlash Phelp, the mornin’ DJ on the 60s channel is a throwback to the days when you would listen for the personality rather than the music, which by the way, brings back memories.

      2. I used to like KZAM / KEZX back in the day. The last smooth jazz station I could find was in Bellingham but changed formats 4 years or so ago.

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