KGRG silent; Veteran Phoenix anchor looks for greener grass

KGRG FM/Auburn, Green River Community College, went off the air in June, bot the AM and the FM translator. This was due to the loss of transmitting antenna and other technical problems. KGRG has applied for a six-month Silent STA from the FCC.

Stefani Booroojian has retired after 42 years at Fresno NBC affiliate KSEE. Booroojian started at KSEE24 on March 31, 1982.

With just over 30 years at FOX 10/Phoenix, anchor Troy Hayden is leaving. He is not leaving the business though. In fact, he hints at a new job close to home. Please stand by… for more on this. Troy promises to reveal his plan soon.

Author: Jason Remington

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5 thoughts on “KGRG silent; Veteran Phoenix anchor looks for greener grass

  1. There’s a great big tower just south of the Lakeland hills shopping area near that substation that might be an option for 89.9 to go to. It might be a bit too far south for a clear shot to South Auburn, because of the hill, but it’s taller than that tower in Lakeland they just vacated. They probably already have something else lined up. Their engineer is a pretty competent dude.

    I like listening to 1330 in Enumclaw. I know a lot of people who are regular listeners of it in and around Enumscratch and elsewhere.

    1. KGRG (AM) is licensed to Enumclaw. The transmitter is on four acres on S.E. 432nd St. about a third of a mile outside the city limits. The surrounding area is still undeveloped, but it’s close enough that there would be potential for the land.

      The station is the old Bellevue allocation that was given up when Kemper Freeman moved KFKF from 1330 to 1540. In the late ’70s, there was a battle for the frequency between the Enumclaw applicant (Robert Reverman, owner of a Seattle ad agency) and a group of Bremerton businessmen, led by state senate majority leader (and future Gamscam figure) Gordon Walgren. The FCC ruled in favor of Enumclaw, as Bremerton already had an AM and FM licensed to it. Walgren and his partners regrouped a few years later with the addition of Don Atkinson, who owned KPMA in Tacoma. They were successful in getting 1400 moved to Kitsap County.

  2. I was under the impression that KGRG FM had an auxiliary transmitter located at the campus. Maybe they’ll relocate the main transmitter there. The AM station was recently licensed to operate with higher power day and night. Was 500w day and 26w night, now 770wND and 220w or so at night. They also switched to a weird top 40 format on 89.9, The Current, jettisoning the KGRG brand to 1330AM and 89.9-2.

    Where can they relocated the FM to? Any tower sites near Auburn or that area that would work?

    Hopefully they can get back on the air and drum up some interest in the program. Lots of good people came from that program.

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