To the victor…

Congratulations, Dems! Libs! Left-leaning Americans. Biden’s performance on the first debate today was “as-expected”, that is, as Conservatives expected. You though, blindly followed Biden into the hole he is in, knowing he is a senile old fart, incapable of leading this country or winning this upcoming election against Trump. Yet, all of your Left-leaning media talking heads, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, and that lying White House spokesclown, Karine Jabbar Purina, lied to your face and told you that he is mentally sharp, has a brilliant mind, and there is nothing to worry about. That is the man you voted into office and thought so highly of, and loudly argued in favor of. Conservatives saw this train wreck coming years ago, while you have been in denial. The world sees him for what he is. Putin sees it, as do the leaders of all nations. Our enemies and our allies see it. The truth has been in front of your face but you steadfastly followed in lock-step with the talking points of the agenda laid out for you. They say ignorance is bliss. You must be giddy with joy today.
You got what you deserve.

Author: Jason Remington

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6 thoughts on “To the victor…

  1. Although never being a fan of Donald Trump my thoughts certainly align more with his in terms of the direction of this country. Todays “Democratic” party (a party in my youth I aligned with) is no longer “democratic” nor favors a true democracy.

    That said anybody who has cared for a family member of friend suffering dementia or other cognitive disorders is either blinded by their political leanings or not being honest to believe Biden is “sharp as a tack” or “on top of his game” as portrayed by the media. His inner circle and family should be ashamed.

  2. Thursday night’s debate was an indictment of the Democratic Party for misleading party members and the country about the mental acuity and health of the president, the media deserve far more derision and scorn.

    Many on the right were repeatedly criticized by the media for questioning the competency of the president. Among other false accusations, they were accused of spreading misleading videos which clearly showed Biden’s deterioration.

    Left wing media have had total and complete access to the president, his staff, and his administration.

    They all knew, but they told us otherwise. They outright lied to us.

    When the WSJ recently published a several-thousand-word, carefully researched, front page piece on the president’s mental and physical health, it was described by left wing media as outright propaganda.

    Now consider who has been feeding you propaganda.

    A media organization is not supposed to be a branch of the Democratic Party.

    The media have a profound obligation to tell the truth to the American people, particularly about something as critical for the country as the president’s mental and physical health.

    If you were shocked by what you saw Thursday night (as many of my centrist & Democrat friends were), ask yourself why you were shocked. Biden’s cognitive deterioration has been evident for a *very* long time: if some weren’t aware of it, or were convinced those claims were “right-wing conspiracies,” that should tell them something important about the quality of the news they are consuming & the institutions they trust.

    Ask yourself whether it’s possible that those same outlets which lied to you about the mental fitness of the sitting president might have lied to you about anything else.

    Question: who is actually running this country? Our government owes Americans a simple answer: who is *actually* running the country right now? No more BS or lies, it’s not Biden.

    1. “A media organization is not supposed to be a branch of the Democratic Party.”

      Yer darn tootin’! And a media organization is not supposed to be a branch of the GOP.

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