Boeing PR is KING5 South

Boeing is gonna get spanked hard by the NTSB for public communication leaks of NON-PUBLIC investigative material related to the Portland-area fuselage door blowout a few months ago.

Interesting to note that over the years, the Boeing Communications team keeps adding anchors, reporters, producers, videgraphers and others from KING 5 and the old Northwest Cable News (part of the KING empire). Not putting this fiasco on them, just amazing how it’s a who’s who of networking, some for internal division comms, some of it global.

It’s quite a list, with some names you might have watched and remember and others who may have left subsequently left Boeing:

Bernard Choi (King reporter, now Boeing VP)
Michael King (Evening Magazine and former sports reporter/anchor)
Elisa Hahn (reporter)
Shaniqua Manning (NWCN and KING anchor)
Ed Muir (NWCN reporter/weathercaster)
Adam Tischler (KING photographer)
Doug Alder (K5 news executive producer)
Ted Land (reporter)
Kierra Elfalan (reporter)
Wilson Chow (NWCN Portland reporter)
Deb Feldman (King reporter – left company)
Mark Erskine (Evening Magazine EP, has left company)

*I might have missed a few.

Here’s part of the story from KIRO 93.7:

‘The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has taken decisive action against Boeing after the company allegedly violated investigative regulations. In a media briefing on Tuesday, a Boeing executive disclosed non-public investigative information and speculated about the causes of a door-plug blowout incident on a Boeing passenger jet in Portland. The NTSB said it would impose “a series of restrictions and sanctions” on the company.’

(BTW, this story was written by KIRO radio’s Digital Content Editor Bill Kazcaraba, former news boss at NWCN, KCPQ and later Root Sports).

Full story here:

Boeing gets hammered by NTSB for violation of investigative regulations

Author: Wayne Lynch

Retired TV journalist, on-air and manager, former university writing professor and station trainer, published author of a sports team biography, Kent State U alum, Pittsburgh native and self-appointed Seattle TV news critic. Read Wayne's updates now at MEDIA MAVEN

2 thoughts on “Boeing PR is KING5 South

  1. Bernard Choi a VP? Yeah it figures. He was the KING 5 reporter that while reporting on wildfires years ago near Chelan wanted to start a small fire so that flames would appear behind him in his live shot.

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