Tapper upset – CNN pushes back against anything pro-Trump

Happens every time. If they can’t slant their reporting and interviewing AGAINST Donald Trump, CNN will cut-off the guest.

Why would anyone believe that Jake Tapper is biased against Trump?

CNN might be biased if they always bring on anti-Trumpers like Adam Kinzinger for some sensational psychoanalysis and of course, Kinzinger pushes that Trump will inevitably incite violence. That is always one of their go-to accusations. But, we know CNN is fair and balanced, right?

Anyway, good luck, sleepy Joe. This should be a great debate. I hear Biden is really sharp, people have difficulty staying with him. His brilliance will blow your hair back. He is not at all suffering from dementia or senility.

This should be fun. Get your popcorn ready for Thursday night, folks!

Author: Jason Remington

QZVX Creator, Admin, & Editor, former broadcaster. ABOUT Jason & QZVX.com | Jason's Airchecks

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