Food for Thought on Paramount/CBS stations

This is an excerpt from an editorial on for those who read QZVX and wonder what’s ahead for the EYE network-owned stations (KSTW in Seattle) down the road, if and when Paramount Global is sold. It’s from Hank Price, a longtime trusted TV executive.

“Many observers seem to think Paramount Global will have a new owner sometime this year, after which CBS will be divested. It is a rare thing for a network and its owned stations to come up for sale, something that hasn’t happened since Westinghouse bought CBS back in 1995, so this would be a very big deal.

There would also be wider industry implications since the parent companies of both ABC and NBC would be watching closely to help determine their own future courses.

Other than a bestselling book and a successful streaming series, knowing the final outcome of this saga is impossible. But make no mistake: The eventual sale and possible breakup of Paramount Global will be the first step in determining the long-term role of over-the-air networks.

The Tiffany Network days of CBS are long gone, but this is not the time to mourn the past. Whoever ends up with CBS has a future to build. Let’s hope they do it well.”

Full article:

CBS’s Sale Drama Is A Harbinger For The Industry

Author: Wayne Lynch

Retired TV journalist, on-air and manager, former university writing professor and station trainer, published author of a sports team biography, Kent State U alum, Pittsburgh native and self-appointed Seattle TV news critic. Read Wayne's updates now at MEDIA MAVEN

1 thought on “Food for Thought on Paramount/CBS stations

  1. Channel 11 was CBS before KIRO went on the air in 1958. With all the KIRO cutbacks and lay-offs, it seems there could be a return of CBS affiliation to Channel 11. This may be the last change-over before over-the-air tv disappears and tv goes solely to the streaming media format.

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