6 thoughts on “Does everyone at CNN have Trump Derangement Syndrome?

  1. I think the cable channels and networks are like modern era radio program directors. Their shares are so tiny these days compared to mass appeal Cronkite, Huntley and Brinkley that they pick a niche audience then they pander to them. They go after the ad revenue and they would not want to risk losing a follower by going down an unpopular path.

    1. So true. Pandering. MSNBC is an echo chamber for the Left, same for CNN. FOX on the Right but leaning away. Some hardcore Conservative news channels on cable, such as NewsMax and RSBN.

  2. I love how flustered the anchor gets, stumbling over her words. She must be seething inside at that moment. Oh, the hatred the LEFT has for Trump. He lives in their minds rent-free. It is obvious in their reporting and commentary. Such venom they spew.
    Have you ever poured salt on a slug? That is what this looks like.

    1. I want to defend Kacie Hunt, whose show it is. The spokeswoman used the ‘kill the messengers’ technique, bashing Jake Tapper et al for their coverage, instead of jumping to answer the specific question about Biden and Trump’s upcoming debate performance (which was left out of this clip). She did her job as an interviewer trying to get an answer from someone who was staying on a ‘media’ message.

      1. Biden can’t function in the normal debate environment, so has set up, with CNN, rules that are restrictive, favor Biden’s condition and are being held in the Biden-friendly studios of CNN. CNN is as Liberal Left as it gets, other than MiSinformationNBC. It is absolutely fair to say that the debate is being slanted to favor Biden’s situation.

    2. CNN hates Republicans. MSNBC hates Republicans. Fox hates Democrats.

      None of those three is a news network. Each pukes predictable propaganda. The only concern is the spot load. Content is whatever fits between the snot nozzle commercials and the reminders to pamper your perineum.

      Throw away your TV. Your brain will thank you once it resumes operation.

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