The Morning Mics are Off

Big change coming at 92.9 and 920 AM in Spokane with the closing credits closing in on a morning trio.

SPOKANE, Wash. – The Dave, Ken, and Molly show ended abruptly on Friday after over 30 years in production without a goodbye.

The morning radio show featuring Dave Sposito, Molly Allen and Ken Hopkins has been waking up with Spokane listeners every morning on 92.9 ZZU and KXLY 920.

Molly Allen confirmed the ending of the radio show on her personal Facebook Friday morning. “Confirming that yesterday was the last Dave Ken and Molly show. I’m sorry that we didn’t get to say goodbye to you all. Spokane has been so good to us. Obviously, this was not our decision. Thank you for over 30 years of love and support,” Allen said.

In a statement made by the Morgan Murphy Media group which owns KXLY 4 News Now and the radio station they classified the ending as simply ‘restructuring’.


Author: Wayne Lynch

Retired TV journalist, on-air and manager, former university writing professor and station trainer, published author of a sports team biography, Kent State U alum, Pittsburgh native and self-appointed Seattle TV news critic. Read Wayne's updates now at MEDIA MAVEN

3 thoughts on “The Morning Mics are Off

  1. Apparently, with Radio seeming to be going away it won’t be long until a lot of those on-air transmitters will be flipped to the “Off” switch, as listening habits transition to streaming audio. Think of the KW’s that will be saved to run all those electric vehicles.

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