6 thoughts on “KIRO Assignment Editor retires; Charles Barkley to leave TNT

    1. Lloyd, Steve Albert, brother of Marv, started that club and games were played in Leo Strang arena. Steve was mybest friend at Kent and I speak with him all the time. He is writiing an autobio. He went to KSU specifically to start hockey there. His brother AL was a goalie previously at Ohio U.


  1. Charles grandstanding, trying to get Turner/TNT to hear him threaten, and then step up to get a piece of the NBA media pie, so that he and his pals can continue their schtick. He won’t leave TV because he needs the money to pay his enormous gambling habit. He is a gret manipulator of the media with repetitive word salad that you can heare in the post. How many times did he thank the ‘FAMILY’ with nothing left to say.

    1. Wayne, how did a good person like you grow up in Pitts. allow Benedetti to live there? He shoots he scores!

      1. LOL…hey big Ken….I went to Kent State with Greg, and he did color for me on a couple of games I called on radio in the 70s. He was actually from Beaver Falls, too. Thanks for writing.

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