Accepting the award for Reporter – News Specialty Assignment, Miss Madison Wade

“Came back to work to find something special waiting for me.

This is my first Emmy award at KING 5 Seattle for Reporter – News Specialty Assignment specifically for my work on Unsolved Northwest

I am so grateful for this recognition. I know our stories are making a difference…” (music plays her off)

Winning an Emmy can lead to increased recognition, career opportunities, and potentially higher salaries for individuals in the television industry. The trophy is made of copper, nickel, silver and gold. Value of the metals, between $300 and $700 according to some estimates. Entries have a processing charge of $200 per submission. (The cost in 2022)

The very first Emmy Awards show was held on January 25, 1949 at the Hollywood Athletic Club. Tickets to attend cost just $5, the public could attend, and only six awards were handed out that night. These days, the show is a members-only affair ($425 to attend).

You won and you want to actually take the statue home? HA! Another $400.

“The Northwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is committed to welcoming all people into our organization. In 2020, we created a Diversity Committee to focus on increasing diversity and awareness within our board and during all of our events, including the Northwest Regional Emmy® Awards Gala.”

Author: Jason Remington

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5 thoughts on “Accepting the award for Reporter – News Specialty Assignment, Miss Madison Wade

  1. All these stories about DNA being used to arrest some “unsolved” elderly rapist from 1972 are a brilliant PR diversion for police agencies. Women eat them up and they take attention away from all the crime going on TODAY.

  2. Oh oh Jason. Spelling error in your comment. “I hadn’t noticed it at ifrst.”

    Pet peeve rearing it’s ugly head 🙂

    1. Good eye. Done purposely for humor, but it really is a pet peeve. I double check for typos and will sometimes come back to a post the next day to change a line if necessary. I’m just going to leave that ifrst right there. Try to ignore it now that you know it’s there.
      I may come back to it in a week after it drives me crazy.

  3. I had to find an Oprah meme generator–yes, there is one out there. The first meme I copied had a spelling error. I hadn’t noticed it at ifrst. On second look, I saw the error. I wonder why someone would go to the trouble of making a meme but not spell-checking it. Spelling errors are a pet peeve of mine.

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