Sinclair Puts Hammer Down in Charm City

Now that the Sinclair empire owns the Baltimore Sun, it is forcing the paper to publish content from its Channel Fox45 there. The Guild is not happy! Used to be TV and radio stole many stories from the local papers of record. This turns it upside down a bit. Newspaper MADE to publish TV stories. reported on it:

“Earlier this year, David D. Smith, executive chairman of the Sinclair broadcasting chain and a contributor to conservative causes, bought The Baltimore Sun.

Now, apparently, Sinclair stories — those from Sinclair-owned Fox45 in Baltimore — are being published by the Sun. And staffers at the Sun are not happy about it.

The Baltimore Sun Guild put out a statement, blasting the practice and saying journalists at the Sun were not notified it would be happening.

The Guild wrote, “We are concerned that the nature of the relationship between Sinclair and The Sun has not been made clear to us or to our readers. And one of the first articles published from Sinclair failed to meet The Sun’s standards.”

The article the Guild was referring to was published on June 3 and written by a Fox45 staffer. The Guild said the story “repeated references to ‘illegal immigrants,’ a term that is not used in The Sun, per industry best practices from the Associated Press, which do not condone referring to people as ‘illegal.’ This error was later corrected, but the story’s framing remains concerning.”

The Guild also sighted other issues and then demanded the following from Baltimore Sun management:

Hold a meeting with all staff members to address our concerns and explain the long-term strategy for the paper, and any agreements with Fox45 or Sinclair.
Stop the sharing of articles, photos, videos and social media content from Fox45 and Sinclair until such a meeting can be held.
Ensure that all stories published in The Baltimore Sun adhere to the same journalistic standards that we are held to as union members, including The Sun’s Cultural Competency Guide created by the newsroom’s Diversity Committee.”

Author: Wayne Lynch

Retired TV journalist, on-air and manager, former university writing professor and station trainer, published author of a sports team biography, Kent State U alum, Pittsburgh native and self-appointed Seattle TV news critic. Read Wayne's updates now at MEDIA MAVEN

2 thoughts on “Sinclair Puts Hammer Down in Charm City

  1. Fox 45 in Baltimore has always been David Smith’s baby, since when he started in 90. It proffers the Sinclair agenda and did it first, so Smith values it far more than the Baltimore Sun.

  2. So, the AP condones new-speak, calling an illegal something other than what it is. This is straight out of Orwell’s 1984, as is so much of what we are seeing politically.

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