Lay-offs at KIRO Radio and KTTH

Jonathan Choe reports–BREAKING: Major layoffs today (5/6) at Seattle’s Bonneville owned radio stations. At least seven people have been let go at KTTH 770 AM and Kiro Newsradio including hosts Bryan Suits and Shari Elliker. More cuts could be on the way. The ownership group did not give a specific reason, but traditional news advertising models are being undercut and decimated by social media upstarts and video driven platforms.
Meanwhile, we now have fewer members of the media in Seattle to hold our elected officials accountable. Not a good day for American journalism.

Author: Jason Remington

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10 thoughts on “Lay-offs at KIRO Radio and KTTH

  1. Bryan Suits is on Rumble and promises to be there each morning to cover the news. Armstrong & Getty will replace him. They are from Sacramento and are California focused, even though they have the syndicated program deal.

  2. Please kick to the curb asap that know-it-all moron Jack Whine, I mean Stine, and his total suck up sidekick. Kiro radio at one time was a respected radio station. Judging from these two and G Scott, who can butcher the English language like no other, anyone should be able to get a radio gig.

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