8 thoughts on “Who is next to exit KIRO7?

  1. From her Instagram post it seems as tho she’s leaving to focus on herself and health and wellbeing and the long hours and lack of sleep was starting to take a toll on her.

  2. One of the primary reasons why KSTW failed as a CBS O&O was their inability to build up the news organization.

    I don’t know why CBS wouldn’t want to give it another crack after the current contract expires with CMG. KIRO can’t keep anyone on the news side longer than a few years. KIRO always gets a handful of Seahawks games a year and that ad space is very profitable. Now add CBS’ Big Ten football contract into the mix and it makes the Seattle market a lot more desirable to hold for the ad revenue.

    1. I’ve thought the same thing. I also think CBS would go to regional news reporting rather than LOCAL. There would be station hubs throughout the country. Sirius XM has had regional traffic stations for years.

    1. They are “stories.” The truth is not being told. There are 87 people in the NPR news facility and 87 of them are Democrat. NPR is supported by our tax dollars, any sponsors listed are a drop in the bucket.
      The government is printing money and we and our grandchildren will be held to pay the debt.
      And all we are hearing are “the stories” they want to tell.

  3. I think her husband is in the military so there may be one underlying factor. She’s done everything they ask so if it’s a contract issue… KIRO needs therapy.

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