Kristin Clark shucks TV weather for self-employment

Today is my last day at @KOMONews . It has been an honor and privilege to forecast for such a weather-savvy community as Puget Sound! ☔️

This opportunity at KOMO came when my husband and I took a financial risk opening Bellingham Roots Dental. So, I am forever grateful for the stability this position has afforded us.

But…what many may not know is that my husband and I have had to live long-distance during the week.

Now it’s time to get back to family full-time. And try something new! ✨

I’ll be venturing into small business ownership, opening a proactive health and performance center called @restorehyperwellness that will offer personalized, science-backed therapies.

I look forward to this challenge. 💪
Appreciate the support. ❤️
And will keep you updated along the way! 🙌

Author: Jason Remington

QZVX Creator, Admin, & Editor, former broadcaster. ABOUT Jason & | Jason's Airchecks

1 thought on “Kristin Clark shucks TV weather for self-employment

  1. I wonderd why the heck Theron was on during the week but this explains it. I will miss Kristin’s warm smile and smooth alto weekday mornings, and Theron on Sunday mornings.

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