“Hey, nobody asked me!!”

That’s always been my gut response to the latest ratings, political polls, lists of dreamiest things about Taylor S. etc. But no more.

A month ago I received a mailing from Nielsen Ratings. Me! Somebody cares what I think! There was even a dollar bill, but I didn’t touch it so I wouldn’t be influenced.

I can’t say how I answered the questions, I’ll just predict that heads will soon be rolling in television land. Locally, watch for format changes – for the better! – on your home town radio stations.

Author: Dick Ellingson

A man and his dogs in a little country town. Parcel post crusher; blood'n'guts laundry serf; parking lot fender bender/bumper jumper; Lazy B flunkie with 7-word job title; P-I down crew; bobtail trucker; Sunbeam breader; retail store mangler; bothersome boiler roomie; fake real estate agent; d.j./copywriter/p.d./ripper/reader - 600 KGEZ Good Advertising, Kalispell; Community Radio 1510 KURB, Mountlake Terrace; 1540 News/MOR/92.5 Solid Gold Rock & Roll KFKF, Bellevue; 1150 Kountry KAYO America's Own Music, Seattle; 1300 KoMPaSs Radio 13 Modern Country, Seattle; 1360 KLFF Good Music & Great Memories, Glendale/Phoenix; 106.3 Koncert 106 KONC, Sun City/Phoenix; 1580 KCWW Real Country Network, Tempe/Phoenix. Four-year Volunteer P-I/Times/TNT news reader for Evergreen Radio Reading Service broadcasting from the Washington Talking Book & Braille Library, Seattle; dotcomboom day trader who came out alive; King County Metro Bus Driver; Seattle Streetcar Operator. I threw it in at 78 and frequently have bizarre dreams about radio and bus driving, my two preschool dream jobs. More articles by Dick

5 thoughts on ““Hey, nobody asked me!!”

  1. Miles City! Wow, didn’t that used to be the smallest rated TV market in the country?? According to Wiki, now it’s Glendive, just down the road!

    I remember sending a few Ron Baillie grads there in the late 70s!

  2. Aha! I thought rating surveys were legit, but now find that they pay you to participate. I am reading the info to determine if there is some subliminal message that may influence your entries.

    1. I got one of those surveys and a corner folded older dollar bill. Did the survey in anticipation of a five dollar check. Finally the check arrived. “Pay to the order of:”
      Nea Darrcio

      Of course I couldn’t cash it as the name is wrong.

      Oh well

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