Tell us how you really feel, Wayne.

Wayne Lynch @TVMavenSeattle ( bio: Retired longtime TV journalist & manager who keeps an eye out for Seattle media nuggets. Sports author, teacher/trainer. Scripps Howard, Cronkite & Emmy winner.)
Posts his take on Seattle TV News:

KCPQ @fox13seattle is a sieve. Run by 2 cronies from Fox Oakland. Boy’s Club.
KIRO @JesseKIRO7 @NickAllardKIRO7 Allard the plusses. Owned by a hedge fund and weak future with a CBS O&O in market.
KOMO = Sinclair
KING I-Team great. GA reporters meh. Legacy lost

Must agree with Wayne’s take on KING 5, legacy lost. If FOX 13 is a sieve, KING 5 is a revolving door. KIRO 7, other than a few stand-out news people, meh.
KSTW replacing KIRO as the CBS affiliate? It has been tried before. May be a better chance now that CBS owns KSTW.

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11 thoughts on “Tell us how you really feel, Wayne.

  1. The way the internet has altered and expanded, yet limited, our choice of access to news, entertainment, commerce and everything else in our lives is nothing but a pin prick compared to what’s in the works. Television and radio will of course be long gone. Everything will be in our minds, except free will.

    We are exhorted to make our living rooms into “home theatres” with 60, 70, 80 inch screen TV’s, all from our enemy, Red China, that have built-in advertising and that read and trace our every keystroke, button push, thought and movement.

    When I drive through the neighborhoods at night and see all those big bright screens in the picture windows, it’s big-brother creepy.

    1. “There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad.”

  2. Good point. But with the continuing decline in news viewing, and major layoffs going on a CBS everywhere, why pour millions into news when you can
    continue to counter the locals’ newscasts with Young Sheldon and Big Bang and The Neighborhood. In addition, they can use the station to drive streaming to Paramount Plus and even move some of those shows to broadcast when they have run their course streaming. The bigger issue is probably renewal talks between CBS and KIRO for affiliation. They could be very difficult and I don’t know a timetable. But 11 with Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell and Jim Nantz and March Madness and the Masters and 60 Minutes and multiple Seahawks games sounds awfully viewer-friendly compared to KSTW’s current lineup.

    1. Remember when CBS put on a one-hour newscast at 10 pm on KSTW last year, produced out of its San Fran and Dallas O&Os? That could easily be reinstated to assure some local news, not in primetime, but maybe 7 pm for 30 minutes. Plus CBS partners with the Weather Channel, so local forecasts could be accomodated as well, with key morning cut-ins and refreshers throughout the day. In a previous post, I forgot to add KSTW getting The Price is Right, the soaps and the CBS owned Drew Barrymore Show, too. SO much potential.

        1. True enough, but if you had a powerhouse CBS lineup all day long, throwing it in as an extra would be an easy workaround, plus Weather Channel updates. Run the CBS Evening News ahead of it and make it a 6-7 pm hour block. BTW, that outsourced newscast of course had weak lead-ins up against the net affiliate prime skeds, so it really is apples to oranges; if you re-evaluated, re-invented 11 as the CBS wheelhouse 24/7. Much research and ratings anlaysis will be done by CBS to see if it stands pat with 7 or moves on. Good conversation.

          1. Agreed, overall. Once the CBS affiliation is at this local CBS O&O becomes official, there should be no doubt that it would last longer than previous efforts Channel 11 had made, up against competitor KIRO 7. As weak as local news has become, reruns of Mr Ed might even beat them.
            We are nearing the end of linear tv’s days. OTA tv has to transcend the current constrictions and transform into some form of streaming. How that would work with a local channel carrying network content, I dunno. Everything is going online, tv must follow or get ahead of it.

    2. I seem to recall that back around 2020, CBS signed 10-year affiliation renewal with KIRO. So any changes likely have to wait a while.

  3. I agree. It makes no sense for CBS to own a prime VHF signal in one of the nation’s largest TV markets and not want to carry their network’s programming on it.

  4. Thanks for the shoutout, Jason. I guess since no one else covers Seattle TV these days, I thought, as a grumpy old critic, I would keep watch in my own way after five decades in the bix.
    Some additional thoughts:
    I think the Legacy Lost comment on KING was clear when there was no Glenn Farley to deal with the Boeing fiasco, only a relatively new reporter. Overall, I think the revolving door there has slowed down, compared to the massive, major anchor losses at KCPQ (Dueweke, Flores, Villegas, Tompkins, Lorch KIggins, Lively, et al).
    BTW, Silvi and Egan at KING are tops in sports.
    I should have added more about KOMO, and I would contend one of ‘Eric’s (Johnson) Heroes’ is Sinclair boss David Smith. The playbook is copied every day. With regard to KIRO, why wouldn’t CBS just move its primetime programming and sports to its O&O without news, and let KIRO be an Indy. They don’t need a newsroom at 11 when news viewing is way down.
    Anyway, thanks for reading and good luck ahead. Read your stuff every day.

    1. CBS 11 for just the CBS programming and some off-network sitcoms etc., possibly. CBS promotes news bigly, with 24/7 local CBS News in the major markets featured on many streaming services: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York etc. Why wouldn’t they want news on 11? I think CBS would go all the way if they switched to KSTW. We would see a fully staffed newsroom competing with KING 5, KOMO 4, and KCPQ 13. KIROs future then, maybe an independent or CW.

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