FOX 13 bios. Swipe right or left.

Recent addition to FOX 13/KCPQ news, Dave Detling. According to his bio: He comes from our sister station, KTVU FOX 2 News, in the Bay Area where he was a reporter covering crime and community-oriented stories.

Prior to California, Dave spent time at the ABC affiliate in Baltimore City where he was a nightside reporter. … Before that he worked for the ABC affiliate in Memphis, Tennessee.

Dave’s never met a stranger he didn’t already know!

What the Hell does that mean? How is he already familiar with everyone? How did he find time to talk to all the people in Seattle and still schedule a job interview?

Dave Detling is amazing! The guy really gets around, must never sleep, he’s so busy hanging out with strangers. He is in the right town. There are plenty of strange people in Seattle.

I’m thinking future bios at FOX 13 may include news anchor super powers and preferred pronouns.

Author: Jason Remington

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