Salt Lake City to Seattle; Another news anchor joins FOX 13 KCPQ

Jade Elliott –🚨LIFE ALERT🚨 I’ve got some big news for you… it’s my last full week at @KUTV2News. The Elliotts are going back to Washington!!! I’ve accepted a position at @fox13seattle, a TV market I’ve always dreamed of working in.

Jade Elliott joined 2News/Salt Lake City after spending most of her news career in eastern Washington from Spokane to her hometown, the Tri-Cities, where she was the main morning news anchor for KAPP/KVEW-TV. Jade reported news from overnight on the early morning newscast at KUTV.

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10 thoughts on “Salt Lake City to Seattle; Another news anchor joins FOX 13 KCPQ

  1. I have been impressed by her professionalism WHEN she is presenting the news as the solo anchor. The weekend broadcast turns into a shit show talk program when Taylor is sitting beside her at the news desk. Taylor talks over everyone, Abby has been derailed during her part of the newscast and we turn from a morning news show to an unwatchable weekend version of Studio 13 Live.

    My preference is to watch a weekend newscast, not a touchy feely best friend love fest. Jade does a great job on her own.

    Let’s hope that someone at Q13 sees the same thing I see.

  2. Don’t hate her just because she’s beautiful…
    As a regular viewer in SLC, I gotta say Jade always presented the news quite professionally. I will miss seeing her.

    1. Bears no resemblance to Edward R. Murrow or Roger Mudd, but since Nancy Dickerson began reporting tv news (1960s), the doors were open to opportunities for women. The bar has been lowered though, and we have gone from “happy talk” to “Tik Tok” news.

        1. No, I knew that. I’m all for beautiful femal news anchors, so long as they are presenting the news–not dancing in the studio etc.

    1. Her announcement doesn’t say anything about being an anchor just says she’s joining FOX13. If both Jade & Michelle are joining the station, I could Jade co-anchoring with Mireya from 430-7a and Erin & Bill co-anchoring the 7-10am portion. As I posted in another thread I could see Michelle joining David for the 5, 6, 10 & 11 pm shows.

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