5 thoughts on “Delilah honors Victor Stredicke

  1. October 2023—
    The Alliance for Women in Media (AWM) has announced that syndicated radio personality Delilah will be honored with the inaugural Gracies Icon Award at the 2023 Gracies Leadership Awards. Delilah, often referred to as the “Oprah of Radio,” will be celebrated for her outstanding contributions to the world of radio and her unwavering commitment to uplifting and empowering listeners.

  2. I also faithfully read Victor’s column in my youth, and always appreciated that the Times devoted space to the local radio industry. But I always have been curious about his background and how he wound up doing the column, and for so many years too?

    1. Yes, but as a career newspaperman myself, I am wondering what led up to that being his beat. Was he full-time at the Times, did he work elsewhere prior to the Times, did he have any background in broadcasting, etc., etc. ?

      1. Victor Stredicke had previous experience writing for the Seattle Times and putting out the tv section of the paper each day. He took over the radio column when Marty Loken gave it up. Loken concentrated on classical and finer music channels, ignoring top 40 and country radio. Victor Stredicke explored all the formats.

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