KSTW brands as Seattle 11, for new independent status

Effective September 1, KSTW tv drops the CW network, becoming once again, an independent station, replete with all the expected syndicated programming.

Eight CBS O&Os are switching away from the CW network this fall —
From the KSTW/CBS website: Seattle11 is the best place to find today’s favorite shows spanning big comedies to courtroom dramas to cutting-edge true crime! Kick back, relax and laugh with our great slate of syndicated hits featuring Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, The Neighborhood and Seinfeld! Our daytime programming block is a particular favorite of Puget Sound viewers with The People’s Court, Paternity Court, and Hot Bench. Enjoy primetime hits like Family Feud and 48 Hours! Like to watch? Seattle11!
All eight CBS-owned stations that currently are affiliates of The CW network will transition to independent stations, beginning Friday, Sept. 1. The announcement was made by CBS Stations president Tom Canedo, who oversees the eight stations that will become independents.

As part of the transition, KBCW-TV in San Francisco will change its call letters to KPYX and be branded as KPIX+, and WPCW in Pittsburgh will change its call letters to WPKD-TV and be branded as KDKA+. The stations’ new brands align with the call letters for their CBS sister stations, KPIX in San Francisco and KDKA in Pittsburgh. The other six stations will keep their current call letters and will be branded with the city where they are based and channel number (e.g. KSTW-TV, Seattle11). —CBS info—

Author: Jason Remington

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2 thoughts on “KSTW brands as Seattle 11, for new independent status

  1. The Brakeman Bill show was broadcast from KTNT’s studio in Tacoma. When we were kids, we discovered that the studio was within bike range of our neighborhood in north Tacoma. We also discovered that if we showed up at the studio door about 4:00 in the afternoon, we might just get invited in to be the “peanut gallery” for that day’s broadcast. Me and my friends spent many an afternoon in the studio audience for Bill McLain and the Crazy Donkey. Good memories!

  2. Effective 9/1: Unlike some of the other CBS O&Os, KSTW is not serving local newscasts. Not even the lame KPIX-supplied Seattle NOW newscast.

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