KPLZ tosses Moug and Angie; Bellingham sportscaster dies

It’s about damn time.
The braintrust at Star 101.5 have finally decided that the miserable morning show hosted by John Moug and Angie Parker was DOA and have replaced that morning zoo with longtime KPLZ personalities Curt Kruse and Jen Pirak. What took Lotus so long to come to their senses? Book after book of low ratings may have finally driven home the point.
Moug and Angie, a duo straight out of Boise, premiered on KPLZ in January 2022. It floundered for 18 months. (GO LOCAL, Lotus.)
This may also be a lesson for stations voice-tracking program hosts from out-of-town.

Sportscaster and sports talk show host Mark Scholten has died.
The broadcaster, who was well known from more than 30 years on Bellingham radio, was found dead of natural causes in his apartment on Monday, August 14. Scholten began his radio career in 1992 and co-hosted sports talk show The Zone for decades on both KGMI and KPUG. Mark Scholten was 54. (

Author: Jason Remington

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7 thoughts on “KPLZ tosses Moug and Angie; Bellingham sportscaster dies

  1. Moug,
    Show up! I’ll buy you the beer of your choice! Some really great people will be there. I personally look forward to meeting you. One of the greatest, if not the greatest radio personality’s of all time took piles of ####! You know who I mean. Don’t let the torpedoes sink you. I’ll be there about 3:30pm. It might even help in your job search! Hope to meet you!
    Paul Thompson

  2. Teaching ‘old farts’ new tricks doesn’t sound like the most productive way to spend a Saturday while I’m actively looking for a gig. Don’t know much about radio in Walla Walla but I have heard some great radio stations in Yakima so I hardly take that as an insult. I will say… I was looking through a few articles and it seems that much of the content on this site is just sort of negative and crapping on other people who are making moves. Have a Snickers… There are some great people in radio and tv in the PNW! Obviously my show was not your cup of tea (and that’s totally fair, we were not targeting you by any account), but maybe give a little grace to people instead of judging them so harshly? Or don’t, I just realized I’m no longer invested. Best to you!

    1. Not all reviews are positive. Many of the great radio and tv performers have been showcased and supported here. The great ones. There is negativity here also. We don’t apologize for offending anyone’s sensibilities. Grow a pair. Not everyone likes you. Not everyone gets a trophy.

  3. LOL! Fantastic reporting, by the way! You can always spot the ole radio has-beens because they only have access to the 6+ numbers of a radio station. This is also the case with the radio discussions boards where they make sweeping assessments based on 6+ ratings they find on All Access (thank god they kept those, right? You’d have no data at all!) I probably shouldn’t waste my time commenting on this site that was built in 1995, but a friend of mine pointed it out and it’s just SO uninformed that I thought I’d make a few corrections. I’ll start by asking what you mean by ‘miserable’ because in my experience, we had a great time. Second, ‘DOA’ is inaccurate as we felt totally ALIVE getting to do a morning show in a major market like Seattle that entire time.

    Lasty, “Book after book of low ratings” is completely inaccurate as Moug & Angie Mornings outperformed KPLZ by a significant amount since our fourth month on the air in the station’s target demographic (Women 25-54). We started in 13th place and ended in 2nd. Doesn’t sound like floundering in my humble opinion. Now, whether or not they came to their senses, that’s subjective I suppose and beyond my pay grade. I will say that Angie and I were collecting some mighty bonuses and that was enjoyable! Our last one came in just two weeks before we were ‘tossed’. Also, we were only in Boise for two years, why is that some sort of insult on our background?

    In regards to Julian, what’s so wrong with him? He’s a fantastic on-air personality, is great with getting listeners on the air and can do it without sounding like some 80’s puker. Is this just that you’re resistant to new people and ideas?

    Would love to have a good debate about this if you’re interested… Though I’m obviously very personally involved in this particular discussion, I’m a fan of radio and love to debate it! Take care, and keep up the fine reporting. Do you have a grandson you can ‘toss’ $5 to update your site?

    -John Moug (Moug & Angie Mornings)

      1. We do see the August ratings were your best numbers. And then they canned the show. Your not the first jock to get the boot at your peak.
        Hey, come to the Radio Conference Meet-Up on Saturday, Sept 16th, 2 pm. Maritime Pacific Brewing in Seattle (Ballard.) 1111 NW Ballard Way
        You can debate and educate the old farts gathered there. The site started in 1995, but many of those in attendance started in the 1960s. Imagine the joy you could spread as your wisdom opens their eyes to new people and ideas.

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