KRSC Channel 5 debut (1948)

KRSC 5 Debut

11-24-1948-KRSC Debut-1
11-24-1948-KRSC Debut-2
11-24-1948-KRSC Debut-3
11-24-1948-KRSC Debut-4
11-24-1948-KRSC Debut-5
11-24-1948-KRSC Debut-6
11-24-1948-KRSC Debut-7
11-24-1948-KRSC Debut-8
11-24-1948-KRSC Debut-9
11-24-1948-KRSC Debut-10
11-24-1948-KRSC Debut-11
11-24-1948-KRSC Debut-12
11-24-1948-KRSC Debut-13
11-24-1948-KRSC Debut-14
11-24-1948-KRSC Debut-15
11-24-1948-KRSC Debut-16
11-24-1948-KRSC Debut-17
11-24-1948-KRSC Debut-18

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Author: Jason Remington

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3 thoughts on “KRSC Channel 5 debut (1948)

  1. Ours was a Hoffman Easy vision TV with a FM radio. Oh yes a phongraph too! In 1948, We all huddled around the 10 inch picture tube, so amazed at the advances in technology for the time!

  2. This is great. Thanks Jason!

    Our family didn’t have a car or even a telephone. But we had our Gilfillan radio-phonograph console and that was good enough for me.

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