6 thoughts on “GM Out @ Q13 FOX

  1. TV and radio are now so boring even the personnel changes are boring. What a day. Entertainment media no longer can entertain on any level.

    1. We simply report, you decide. True, there won’t be a major local radio-tv story until owners start turning in licenses and shutting off transmitters.

      1. Imagine all the power that could be saved turning off AM and TV towers and the money from selling the land? Vashon could have some nice country estates and Queen Anne could have more multi unit townhome installations pretty quick. FM still has possibilities but TV and AM are out of luck.

        1. Who would have imagined, 20 years ago, that over-the-air TV would soon become a thing of the past?

        2. Unfortunately the market for cabins on Gold Mountain is rather limited, so we’re stuck with KCPQ awhile longer.

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