7/5/87-It’s Paul Brendle in the KIRO bomber

Friday broadcasts from the Museum of Flight by KIRO and KING-AM look to be as much fun as remote broadcasts from around the world.
The KIRO morning crew _ Bill Yeend, Rick Van Cise and John Chelminiak _ will present regular commuter-hour news and features, along with some opening specials that include an audio tour of the new Great Gallery exhibit. The broadcast runs from 6 to 9:30 a.m. Friday on KIRO, 710 kHz.

In addition to Tim Walters’ relatively serious freeway-traffic reports, Paul Brendle, the regular KIRO helicopter pilot, will broadcast some more spectacular aerial reports from a B-17 bomber, a Christian Eagle aerobatic plane and a Cessna 195 Taildragger.

Former astronaut Deke Slayton will be interviewed in a segment of the KIRO morning broadcast.

KING-AM, 1090 kHz., sends its daytime talk-show host, Jim Althoff, to the Museum of Flight’s Great Gallery for an afternoon of live coverage of activities, beginning at 10 a.m. From 1 to 3 p.m., Althoff will continue with celebrity interviews. Vice President George Bush’s introductory remarks will be broadcast.

KING-AM reporters George Harris and Carl Dombeck will report on exhibits, displays and a news conference by former Mercury astronauts.


Alex Darby, morning personality at KKFX, has been appointed assistant program director at the station. Bob Wickstrom, general manager, serves as KKFX program director. . . . Bill Jensen, former general manager of KQIN, is new sales manager of KLSY-AM-FM. . . . Stan Mak has been named vice president of radio for King Broadcasting Co. He will oversee KING-AM and KING-FM in Seattle and King Broadcasting’s radio stations in Portland and San Francisco. He had been general manager of KINK, Portland, since 1982. . . . Stan Orchard has been named news director at KOMO. He has been a news reporter there since 1983. . . . Jack Bankson retired this month as general manager of KNBQ.

He had planned on a December departure, but summertime retirement coincided with the needs of new station owners. . . . Don Hofmann, operations manager, was terminated at KNBQ, just as his announcements about “no changes are planned” saw print. The operations-manager title was eliminated at KNBQ and a new position of business manager was added.


One of the activities at KOMO’s five-hour “Kidsfair” extravaganza Aug. 8 may fill the fantasies of young listeners.

Top children’s acts are scheduled to perform at the Seattle Center event. There will be a hoop shot, baseball pitching, a petting zoo and a tumbling area. And in the KOMO-Radio remote-broadcasting truck, children can pretend to be radio disc jockeys by spinning records.


Gerard Schwarz conducts the Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra in a “Great Performances” telecast, at 9 p.m. Wednesday; stereo simulcast can be tuned in on KUOW, 94.9 mHz. . . . Buck Wade will broadcast his “Loveline” program from the Ballard Market, beginning at 9 p.m. Thursday on KMPS-AM-FM, 1300 and 94.1. . . . Joey Randall, formerly with KLSY and KIXI-FM, has moved to Spokane, where she teams up this week with Lee St. Michael for a male-female morning show on KKPL. . . . Robert E. Lee Hardwick, former radio personality, has joined the Pacific Institute as director of communications.

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