Brisa Mendez Leaving CBS 13/Eugene; KREM 2/Thomas Patrick Cryptic Tweets

Brisa Mendez, KVAL CBS 13/Eugene weather and news anchor, is leaving for greener pastures. Brisa has not announced what the new destination is at this time.

At 10:05 pm on Friday night, KREM 2/Spokane’s Thomas Patrick sighed dejectedly, “A lot I want to get off my chest soon… but I’ve been awake since 2:30am and I’m still working my double shift, so too tired tonight. Might tweet more tomorrow idk.”

Sounds HEAVY!

Next day:
“Well… most importantly I just want to say that it SUCKS to see my content fall flat. Single digit YouTube video views… that’s a lot of hard work and brilliant knowledge that goes into those vods for it literally to be viewed by basically no one. Ugh… 😞

Thomas Patrick – KREM 2

Author: Jason Remington

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