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20 thoughts on “Abby Acone – The Curly Or Straight Debate

  1. Most Internet critics hide behind pseudonyms and fake email addresses. But they are vehemently stressing opinions or preaching. I’m sure most tv personalities understand that those are usually angry and repressed males or Karens who feel they are superior.

  2. Twitter is the main communications method for tv-radio people these days. This is where they announce their arrivals and departures, their descriptions of those wild rides they’ve taken during their career. Instagram was vying for the #1 spot, and then META, the new name for the Facebook/Instagram company, introduced Reels, the ability to add annoying 15-second videos where Instagram had previously been a popular place for sharing pictures. Now if they add texting, you have a Twitter clone.
    Then you have many newsy types who are over on TikTok, which I refuse to use because it is run the the Communist Red Chinese. There they perform dance routines and lip-synch songs. They don’t seem to be embarrassed by their behavior. It is mindless crap. Not a good reflection on the tv station.

    1. The fact that Twitter is the main method of communication for media people is a tragic commentary on the mental state of those who work in radio and tv, and the state of the business itself. Rather than taking an honest pride in their work and letting it speak for itself, they simply put their vanity on blatant display for the false praise of their colleagues, and the open scorn of their rivals.

      1. Louis is right, it is an addiction. Not just their dependence on Twitter to pump their ego with accomplishments, but also those selfies. Now, we see more short videos. Nonstop promotion for fear they may fade away if they stop. (Which would make a good Twilight Zone episode)

        1. We can only hope they will fade away.

          Since the new boss took over at CNN, there’s some attempt to change it from its current personality-driven schlock back to being an actual news channel. I’ll bet that Jake Tapper, Erin Burnett, and other super egos are screaming against it, and it probably won’t happen. But what if it did and what if it cranked up the ratings? Maybe some local TV execs would take notice and think, “Hey, why don’t we bounce these bimbos outa here and trying hiring “NEWS” people too?”

          Never mind. It won’t happen.

  3. So, she posts on Twitter incessantly. I doubt that she has an issue with others doing the same. It is a different generation of human beings. They have their own set of values and an agenda separate from people of our generations. Twitter is their base. A few years from now, it will be some other app. They are what we see on social media. Or at least, they are trying to live up to what we see in their profiles.

    1. The sad part of it all is that many now prefer an on-line interaction (whether it be instagram/facebook, twitter, TikTok) than to actually be face to face. I see it in my own family. They get more satisfaction from a positive reaction to a social media post than actually being social.

    1. We have seen the same thing in church! I prefer to engage someone face to face and listen to whatever they prefer to share. Ah, the good old days.

  4. But why don’t you require real first and last names here? I’ve always signed up with my real name, even on sites such as Meetup or OKCupid. I’ve never come to any harm or been hacked.

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