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Rather than just griping about what is going on in Washington State, Brandi Kruse is joining forces with This video introduces the partnership, but you can learn more at and Brandi will be focusing on this work on her UnDivided podcasts on Mondays.
This will become another cause for haters to attack Brandi, as those who oppose her will focus on the organization and question her motives for aligning herself with it. There are valid questions, who is behind and what is Brandi’s role within the organization, beyond the spotlight she will give it on her podcast? Is this a good move for an independent journalist?

Author: Jason Remington

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3 thoughts on “Brandi Kruse Teams Up With

  1. I thought you otherwise liked Brandi but no, I get it. The Discovery Institute sounds kind of fringe and even somewhat mysterious, although there is a drop-down menu on the top of their homepage that describes their mission, etc.

  2. What are people saying?

    Why don’t they have an About Us section on their website? Who is this group? Who runs it? Who funds it. If only there were a ‘journalist’ to dig into these questions.

    Future 42 looks to be Project 42, whose principals include GOP donor Brian Heywood — whose interests include halting a WA income tax on the wealthy.

    A partisan dark money group run out of Arizona huh?

    I see partisan shilling with a thin veneer of detached criticism didn’t pay so now you’ve just gone full dark money.

    private domain registry, no names on the website, this org seems sketch. only items in “issues” section are “taxes bad” and “inslee bad”. why not just admit it’s a GOP op?

    So you’re cozying up to a shady front group. Did the Discovery Institute not return your calls?

  3. What are people saying?

    Who runs this org? There’s very little background on the website.

    They also don’t show up when searching for 501(c)(4) organizations even though they claim to be one on the donations page. Extremely sketchy.

    Nothing to cement your credibility like teaming up with a political organization with a website that has no information on who is behind it, what it stands for, or what your donations would be used for.

    Does “joining forces with” mean hired by? Or are you doing pro bono work for what appears to be some shadowy right wing front group?

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