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2 thoughts on “Nielsen: KJEB #1, KSWD #2 (August 2022 PPM 6+ Mon-Sun, 6a-12mid)

  1. Interesting to see KING-FM, just plugging along with the same Classical Format all these years. It reminded me of a time way back, when some of the KREM AM-FM-TV staff got together, in a moment of tedium, and dummied up a supposed aircheck, where-in the standard liners off the air on KING-FM were inserted between songs by AC-DC, Foghat, etc. and made to sound like a legitimate aircheck. We then happened to be gathered around listening when the KREM management dropped by to inquire “What was up?” After listening for just a few minutes to the supposed new Classical KING-FM, they were falling all over themselves to get to a phone to call Seattle to see what was going on with the new Format. Reportedly, Seattle, having no clue what the Spokane management was babbling about, was very stand off-ish and non-commital, which only further helped to sell the scam. We were in the back, laughing our asses off while Spokane management stewed for days about not being in on the big change. The things you did for amusement in the 96th Ranked Market in America in the late 70’s…

    1. We did some clever editing at KBAM-Longview. Our General Manager/Station Owner, Arne Pederson, sat down in the booth to record his daily editorial one morning. Usually, it was up to the morning team to edit that and put it to cart. Arne was having trouble with his headphones during the taping. So, rather than dub the entire editorial, we just used the first line. So when the time came, we introduced the editorial, “Here is KBAM General Manager Arne Pederson with today’s editorial.”
      cue the cart…
      “This is Arne Pederson…What the Hell is going on here?….(pause and use pre-recorded close) “This has been Arne Pederson with today’s editorial.”

      Arne came out of his office, busting a gut and shaking his finger at us. Stared at us through the window laughing and shaking his head. Then he walked back to his office.
      I loved working at KBAM.

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