(2012) NW Radio Dial


570 KVI – Smart Talk – This INFOTAINMENT format, includes elements of Arts/Entertainment, cooking/health, finance/business…sounds like the Sunday newspaper “on the air”. KVI is not competing with the mainstream NEWS-TALK stations. Programming is focused on “lifestyle” segments. Morning show is “Seattle Sunrise,” hosted by Mark Christopher & Elisa Jaffe, afternoon “Buzz” hosted by Scott Carty. Those are the local segments. Other syndicated programs include: Clark Howard, Phil Hendrie, Don Imus and the Wall Street Journal Wrap-up. ABC News

630 KCIS – Syndicated Christian programming and news. Local program, Music Through the Night is hosted by Mike Kellogg weeknights and Roger Basick weekends. This is a mix of inspirational music and Bible verses.

680 KBRD – 78 RPM recordings and reel tape recordings are included in this mix of Jazz, Big Band and eclectic musical selections – operating hours are sunrise to sunset. KBRD does stream their programming on the Internet during broadcast hours.

710 KIRO – ESPN-Sports; Local broadcasters are Bob Stelton & Dave Grosby, Brock Huard & Mike Salk, and Kevin Calabro. John Clayton hosts a Saturday feature of Weekly Seattle sports

710 KTTH – Syndicated conservative TALK with local segments hosted by David Boze and [considering that he broadcasts from Seattle] Michael Medved. The remainder of the programs feature the FOX TV talk hosts, Sean Hannity and John Gibson as well as the Big Kahuna of talk-radio, Rush Limbaugh. FOX News

820 KGNW – Syndicated Christian programming, local segments hosted by, Dave Drui, Jodie Stevens and a Talk show hosted by Doug Bursch weekday afternoons.

850 KHHO – NASCAR fans that can hear this South Sound blowtorch will also find the Tacoma Rainier broadcasts on this FOX Sports station.

880 KIXI – Big Band music, some updated versions of those old favorites, a heavy mix of 50s pop and easy listening standards. Sounds great on AM radio. Dan Murphy afternoon drive segments are local, and special programming includes, Shake Rattle showtime, Sounds of Sinatra and Old-time radio dramas/comedy in the evening.

920 KGTK – Business Talk & News, affiliated with KITZ 1400 Poulsbo.

950 KJR – Sports hosts: Dick Fain, Mitch in the Morning, Dave ‘Softy’ Mahler, Ian Furness, Mike “The Gasman” Gastineau. Rob Tepper broadcasts from the KJR studios over FOX Sports radio while Rob Dibble hosts the from the network studio 7-Midnite weeknights. FOX Sports

1000 KOMO – Simulcasting programming on FM, Morning program is hosted by Bill Yeend & Manda Factor, Herb Weisbaum & Jane Shannon host afternoon drive. You’ll also hear Gary Burleigh [Gary Shannon from KJR’s Top 40 days] from time to time anchoring the news at KOMO radio. ABC News

1030 KMAS – Recent format change from Oldies to News-Talk. Morning segment is hosted by local Mason County jocks Dale Hubbard and Jeff Slakey. ABC News

1050 KBLE – Catholic religion programming

1090 KPTK – Liberal talk shows, some survivors of defunct Air America

1150 KKNW – A recognizable name, Jim Bohannon can be heard here, as well as a slew of “Independent” show hosts you may not recognize. Appears to be quite a bit of brokered talk-infomercial programming.

1180 KLAY – Tacoma’s ONLY local radio station. Mike Lonergan hosts the morning segment. An agreement with KIRO TV has KLAY simulcasting the audio of the 5 PM news. Local sports events are also featured.

1210 KMIA – This music format leans toward current Hispanic Pop tunes

1230 KWYZ – Various Korean programs and music segments, including American popular music.

1240 KGY – South Sound news and popular music

1250 KKDZ – Top 40 favorites aimed at pre-teens.

1300 KKOL – Business news and talk, Bloomberg, Lou Dobbs and Ray Lucia syndicated programs.

1330 KGRG – Extremely loud, alternative rock

1340 KUOW – Classical Music and Public Affairs programming; Simulcasting the FM

1360 KKMO – Hispanic banda, mariachi, ranchera, Nortena music stylings.

1380 KRKO – North Sound sportsradio, local hockey and college sports

1420 KRIZ – Blues & Oldies

1450 KSUH – Korean programming as well as some American popular music

1460 KARR – Syndicated Christian programming

1480 KNTB – Limited signal, Lakewood station simulcasting Bremerton’s KBRO

1490 KBRO – ESPN in Spanish

1520 KKXA – Classic Country music, local hockey and college sports

1540 KXPA – Regional Hispanic music and other International music programming features

1560 KZIZ – Gospel

1590 KLFE – Syndicated talk programming leaning toward the Conservative point of view.

1620 KYIZ – Urban Contemporary

1680 KNTS – Christian programming in Spanish


88.5 KPLU – Sounding like Smooth Jazz radio. Authentic Jazz favorites, not so much, except some featured programs

88.9 KMIH – Student deejays playing Hot Jamz, auto-tune front and center, just like KISS & Movin’.

89.3 KASB – Rock music, talk shows hosted by Bellevue High students and news of interest to listeners of that age.

89.5 KNHC – Top 40/Hip Hop station that has earned a reputation for promoting new tunes, playing the hits long before the commercial rock stations air them.

89.9 KGRG – Beavis & Butthead would love this music. Mostly Metal

89.9 KGHP – High school/community radio station, plays an eclectic mix of music.

90.1 KUPS – Metal, Hip Hop and music from Independent artists. This University station will air selections containing gratuitous profanity. It’s ART, right?

90.3 KEXP – Various music selections, feature programs.

90.7 KSER – Programming from the BBC, political organizations, eclectic mix of music programs such as Garage, Blues and Folk

90.9 KVTI – Classical music from the Northwest Public Radio network, regional weather forecasts and event listings

91.3 KBCS – Folk/Jazz, variety; College radio with left-leaning programming focus

91.7 KXOT – Cast-off programming cut from the KUOW schedule, but surprisingly quite good. Station is listed as KUOW2 on the website. So much for a local identity, Tacoma.

92.5 KQMV – Top 40; Brooke & Jubal, Maynard, Mason, Justin, and Kel.

93.3 KUBE – Top 40; Eddie & Karen, Nessa, Eric Powers & Dirty Harry, DJ Supasam. Weekender: Harrison Woods.

94.1 KMPS – Country music; Johnson & Johnson, Stephen Kilbreath, Cornbread [named 2009 Country Music Association Major Market Personality of the Year **WIL Radio], the Outlaw Pat Garrett, Dakota and Greg Valentine.

94.5 KRXY – South Sound rock station with Bobby Hart in morning drive

94.9 KUOW – Classical music, various public radio programs; NPR

95.7 KJR – Bob Rivers, Joe, Spike, & Jodie, Oldies all-day with Lori Bradley, Steve Slaton, and Dan Roberts.

96.1 KXXO – Adult Contemporary music; R.P. McMurphy & Ann D’Angelo, Jennifer Mathis, Dave Mann, and Joe Riley. Weekenders: JJ Syrja, Cari Palmer, Tip Felts and Tammy Tillinghast

96.5 KJAQ – Adult Contemporary/Classic Rock

96.9 KGY – Classic Rock/Top 40; Val Vaughn, Brad Frederickson & Steve George [AM], Kevin Huffer and Nathan Lee – Ric Dees’ Weekly Top 40 Saturday at 2pm; Cool Classics with Smilin’ Jay 4pm Sunday CBS News

97.3 KIRO – TalkRadio; Bill Radke & the News Chick Linda Thomas, Dave Ross & Luke Burbank, Dori Monson, Ron & Don, and John Curley or a substitute host CBS News

97.7 KOMO – Simulcasting programming on AM, Morning program is hosted by Bill Yeend & Manda Factor, Herb Weisbaum & Jane Shannon host afternoon drive. You’ll also hear Gary Burleigh [Gary Shannon from KJR’s Top 40 days] from time to time anchoring the news at KOMO radio. ABC News

98.1 KING – Classical

98.9 KLCK – Modern Rock station, recently adding jocks: Dan Kennedy, Alicia, Tanner, and Nic.

99.3 KDDS – Regional Mexican music called La Gran D; Network jocks include Piolin in the morning.

99.9 KISW – Album Rock; BJ Shea, Ryan Castle, Jolene, Miles Montgomery, Steve “The Thrill” Hill, Ted Smith, Ben Muppet.

100.7 KKWF – Country music; Fitz in the morning, DeAnna Lee, Nick at Nite, and Wingnut.

101.5 KPLZ – Top 40/Adult Contemporary; Kent & Alan, Jill Taylor, Curt & Corine and Paul Thompson.

102.1 KSWW – Contemporary Hits; Rhys Davis, Rick Brady, Scott Curtis, Dave Bogart, LaLaine, and Dave Hunter.

102.5 KZOK – Album Rock; Danny Bonaduce & Sarah, Scott Vanderpool, Gary Crow, Stacy Ireland, Nate Connors and Kevin Hammond.

102.9 KNBQ – Simulcasting 950 KJR [SportsRadio]

103.7 KMTT – Classic Rock; John Fisher, Marty Riemer

104.1 KMAS – Recent format change from Oldies to News-Talk. Morning segment is hosted by local Mason County jocks Dale Hubbard and Jeff Slakey.

104.3 KMNT – Modern Country; Pete, JB & Kathryn, Steven B, Ryan Trotter, and Michael Preston

104.5 KMCQ – Oldies, Continuous Oldies…and some ’80s music. Few commercials, no DeeJays.

104.9 KKBW – Classic Album Rock; Jocks: Shroom, Pyke, Aly, Klinger

105.3 KCMS – Contemporary Christian/Worship music; Scott & Sam, Matt Case, Tom & Sarah, Martha Hadley, Larry Lomax.

106.1 KBKS – Top 40; Jackie & Bender, Tyler, Boy Toy Jesse [from Los Angeles], Sisanie, Danielle, Ben Schubert.

106.9 KRWM – Soft Rock; Tom McCarthy, Daryl Summers, Will Johnson, and Delilah. Weekenders: Rees Kirk, Sean Michaels, Maya, Jonathan West.

107.7 KNDD – AOR; Red, Harms, GregR, Bryce

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