Ava Wainhouse – KHQ 6 Spokane

Ava Wainhouse is a local news reporter at KHQ 6. Ava graduated from WSU, top of her class in the Murrow College. She received her degree in Multimedia Journalism & Media Production, majoring in Broadcast News, minoring in Criminal Justice. The next day, she moved to Spokane and her new job at KHQ.

Author: Jason Remington

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11 thoughts on “Ava Wainhouse – KHQ 6 Spokane

  1. Please let Ava know that she is a horrible excuse for a human while sneaking into Kaylee and Maddie’s service. I hope you feel the pain these families have and someone do the same to you. RIH!!!!!

      1. Seasoned reporters have overstepped and done some pretty underhanded things in an effort to get the story. It’s sometimes a scuzzy business.

  2. Respecting peoples’ space in times of sorrow is not something the news media does. They want to get the grief on video and get a sound bite about the pain and sorrow.

  3. Wow, not sure what it is but, something very sexy about her!!
    Also, good job can see how you’re getting a little more seasoned at work!

    1. As she becomes better at her job, she may also become disillusioned with the pay and work hours. Many journalists are changing careers, moving away from tv news these days.

  4. The focus on selfies, appearance, and “trying to create a brand” can diminish all the educational awards, and journalistic achievements a person can receive.

    1. Today’s news reader in a sausage dress or 3 sizes too small sport coat creating a brand is a far cry from Cronkite, Huntley/Brinkley etc. lol But I do get the point.

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