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RadioInsight reports: Justin ‘Reverend El Fuego” Robinson departs as producer and co-host of “BJ & Migs” on Rock 99.9 KISW after sixteen years with the station.

Remember people… corporate doesn’t give a damn about any of you. You are just a warm body performing a task until no longer needed. There is no loyalty.

Author: Jason Remington

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6 thoughts on “More… Audacy LayOffs

  1. He probably got a great severance payment, equal to or more than 2 weeks pay for every year there plus another 2 weeks. Cry me a river.

      1. Exactly collect the severance and the unemployment at the same time! The state considers the severance a “gift” that doesn’t effect your weekly benefit amount. You just have to declare it when you apply and they notate it. ChA CHING!!!! (Sleep in till whenever). Congrats to that dude.

  2. Audacy is carrying a couple billion in debt due to acquisitions. I would expect the layoffs to continue (and accelerate) .

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