Nick Allard Recovering From Surgery; KING 5 Promotes Swaby

Tweeted on Wednesday—
1/3 You may remember I took time off earlier in the year – I was dealing with major back pain and worked the whole break to get better. Unfortunately, that didn’t work and things continued to get worse. Last Thursday, I had surgery and will be off work again to recover…

Nick Allard – KIRO 7 Meteorologist

Natalie Swaby has been named new Chief Reporter at KING 5 Seattle. Swaby replaced Chris Daniels, when he left in June for the national investigative team of Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Natalie Swaby

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Author: Jason Remington

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10 thoughts on “Nick Allard Recovering From Surgery; KING 5 Promotes Swaby

  1. Your PugetSoundMedia leader is recovering from the worst of the Communist Chinese/Fauci-facilitated illness. Never trusted that little cock-sucking weasel bastard Fauci. Trump should have fired his ass. But there is a special place in Hell for Fauci and everyone behind the virus. Something involving a thousand razor cuts or something like that…

    ☮️ Peace & Love ❤️

      1. FOLLOW-UP:
        Look up the Ted Talk with “Yuval Harari,” the genocidal psychopath from Israel who is funded by Billy Gates, from the long-standing euthanasia family, his father one of the founders of “Planned Parenthood” – an abortion killing operation disguised with a nice sounding name. Who could object, right?

        While you’re busy reliving and rehashing World War 2 with “what ifs,”, the Israeli Medical Gestapo controlling the FDA/CDC are bringing World War 4 right now transparently to your door.

        I’d like to know how many on this list volunteered to take the Fauci/Kill Gates “clot kill shot.” For over 2 years, I’ve warned people NOT to take it and not to submit to masks or mandates.

        I wonder, HOW MANY “clot-shots and boosters” have you and the rest of the media moguls on camera and off taken?

        Talk about statistics, THAT would definitely separate the boys and the girls, notwithstanding gender based pronouns he, she, it they, etc., ad nauseum and all the diversity BS!

        Are we on a roll?

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