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5 thoughts on “Insider Recalls Golden Age of Tacoma Radio

  1. The author of this, Ted Knightlinger, was my father. He wrote it when I was 20, predicting at the end of the piece that “The next 50 years will be better than ever.” Well, after spending my career in broadcast news (anchor/correspondent CBS News/Radio, NY; news director KIRO radio, etc.) it seems that perhaps 40 of those years were remarkable. But, since the internet’s ascendency, with much of the enthusiasm and optimism of radio’s early years, the business model of journalism has, if not collapsed, changed drastically. I’m grateful that I was able to be a small part of it during the better times. Steve Knight

  2. Which would I choose? Living and working during the golden years of radio or now when we see such technological progress? That is a tough question.

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