Journalists Marching To The Beat of A Different Drum: Cover-ups, Deception and Omission.

A man has been arrested after deputies found a decapitated body in an apartment where his mother lived.

The suspect, Collin Boldizsar, is in jail on $2 million bail. Police were called for a welfare check after a neighbor heard screaming, followed by loud thumps. (Jason Rantz),, and several other online sources have reported (April 2022) about a prior murder in the Shoreline area and how the media reported or purposely omitted details.

Every local television outlet excluded key details that were readily available. And the so-called newspaper of record for Seattle flat-out lied. They all used the same court documents as the primary source of their reporting.

Tyrone Bernard Wells, 41, who has multiple convictions and outstanding warrants, confessed to killing Randee Leeann Rios after she spent the night at his apartment on March 27. He has been charged with first-degree murder in King County Superior Court. Prosecutors requested Wells’ bail be set at $5 million to reflect the “extreme danger” he poses to the community, according to charging documents.

According to court documents, on March 27, Wells allegedly called 911 at 7:21 AM and told dispatchers he wanted to “report a murder.” Wells allegedly told dispatchers “the murder was on my account… I murdered her,” and that he used a hatchet, bongo drums and a pair of bolt cutters to kill the woman.

According to court documents, the suspect “…had been reading the Quran prior to Rios’ arrival and that verses in the Quran seemed to indicate to him that it would be necessary for him to kill Rios.” This was omitted from reporting on the crime.

KING 5 originally mentioned Wells’ meth drug use and Quran in their written report, but then the details appeared to have been “scrubbed,” though they still appeared in Google searches for the article. The article shows that it was updated at least once, 24 hours after it was originally published.

KIRO 7 did not mention the meth or reading the Quran in either media and neither did KOMO 4. FOX 13 mentioned the meth use but omitted the reading of the Quran.

The Seattle Times failed to mention the Quran and downplayed the role of the drug use in the confession and even went so far as to claim, “The charges don’t provide a motive for Rios’ slaying.”

Seattle media outlets have a high rate of attrition. Maybe this kind of journalism has taken a toll on the hearts of a few of them. They only tell you what they want you to believe, based on their agenda.

Author: Jason Remington

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2 thoughts on “Journalists Marching To The Beat of A Different Drum: Cover-ups, Deception and Omission.

  1. My .02

    Sadly the “Media” (who in this day and age are more agenda driven than ever) looks first to the ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion, level of income, etc prior to deciding how to “tell their story”. It seems more consideration is given to how the reporting media outlet will be percieved than presenting facts that would portray an accurate picture to the public.

    The visual media more and more refer to their reporters as “story tellers” and “content creators”. Do either of those titles evoke confidence that an accurate reporting of facts will occur? Agenda, politics, perception, appearance, website hits, are the order of the day.

    I believe the “Media” as we once knew it has long left the fact based station.

  2. The American media system is doing what they did in Europe years ago that Alex Jones warned was coming here

    He warned, most didn’t listen or do/could do anything about it since big money runs big media and the money is on tyranny

    The goal of today’s media social programming is to get people to believe lies so liars and criminals can rule without interference

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