Another Out The Door. KOMO 4 This Time.

KOMO 4 loses another. Daron Johnson tipped us to this news… Nick Popham leaves KOMO after just three years and will be heading for Tampa, Florida. Today was Nick’s final day at KOMO TV. “But now is time to say goodbye for the sake of my mental health. I can’t thank the people here enough for giving me the opportunity to tell their stories! My dream was to work at KOMO and I fulfilled that dream these last 3 years.”

WTH! Situations at these local TV stations must be crap!

Author: Jason Remington

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7 thoughts on “Another Out The Door. KOMO 4 This Time.

  1. An amazing list of departures
    Kierra Elfalon
    Lindsay Sieverkropp EP at New Day Northwest (announced Thursday 4/21)
    Craig Herrera Weather
    Rhonda Lee Weather
    Jordan Steele Weather
    Jordan Wilkerson Weathr
    Rebecca Stevenson Weather (to KOMO)
    Cam Johnson Traffic
    Jim Rose GM
    Dick Trumbo Chief Engineer
    Mark Wright main anchor
    Elisa Hahn reporter
    Christin Ayers Tacoma Bureau Chief and EP of Facing Race series
    Evonne Benedict Digtal Director
    Ted Land reporter
    Glenn Farley Aviation expert
    Megan Murnan photog to KOMO
    Matt Elias producer
    Lori Matsukawa anchor
    Vanessa Misciagna reporter/wkd anchor
    Glenn Farley
    Ben Dery (weather)

    Mike Ferrari Sports Director
    Nich Popham reporter
    Matt Markovich reporter
    Kara Kostinich reporter
    Jonathan Choe reporter (fired)
    Abby Acone repprter/weather (now at Q13)
    Femi Abebefe Sports anchor
    Keith Eldridge reporter
    Cole Miller reporter
    Bill Dallman ND

    Amy Clancy to SPD
    Casey McNerthney Digital director
    Claire Anderson weather
    Dave Wagner
    Sienmy Kim
    Lisa Blegen Asst. ND
    Erin Newnam EP
    Matthew King (to KCPQ)
    Tracy Taylor

    Tatevoik Aprikyan
    Brandi Kruse
    Travis Mayfield
    Walter Kelley
    Eric Breon (former ND)
    Elizabeth Wang Producer
    Ali Bradley
    Jessamyn McIntyre (EP)
    Pam Pearson GM

  2. Addng:
    Michael Konaposek KING reporter
    Jim Scott KING photog
    Michael Crowe KING reporter
    MJ McDermott KCPQ weather
    Alexandra Lewis KCPQ anchor
    Nadia Romero KCPQ anchor
    Erica Hill ND KCPQ to L.A.

    The beat goes on..

    1. When they state that they are leaving due to their mental health, that says it all. Quite a list of escapees!

  3. And if you just look at those one air who have left…you are just looking at the top of the iceberg.

    KOMO has been bleeding out quality staff behind the scenes for a long time. There has been a conveyor belt of people at the assignment desk up until they brought back an amazing assignment manager.

    Back not too long ago KOMO had 24 photographers. Last I heard they had 16.

    I expect a lack of quality photojournalists in larger markets in the future. Small markets were a great place to pluck photographers but now most small markets are MMJ and would rather be on air. I would not be shocked if most all large markets go to MMJ.

    It is unfortunate that the culture at KOMO is gone. What once was a family/team feel has been erased and replaced with buckets of the same story.

    People are leaving because the culture is shot and is not healthy.

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