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11 thoughts on “Libs Panic @ Elon Musk Twitter Revolution

  1. How ironic that someone in the media would oppose an open platform, freedom of speech and opposing opinions. This Twitter purchase by Musk will reveal the true nature of the Liberal Left-wing media.

  2. I’ll get out the popcorn and see what transpires at Twitter. I suspect free speech on social media platforms will always be an elusive and moving target.

  3. Twitter was a one-sided (Liberal) platform which banned Conservative opinions and one of the former United States Presidents. Imagine that! Simply because these people have varying opinions. Now, the tables have turned and Libs are acting like victims. The sky is falling in Lib land.

    1. I was never a fan of Trump the person even before politics. That said I don’t disagree with you about Twitter. It will be interesting to see what happens.

  4. In some backwoods parts of the country, instead of saying “Well, Twitter. It’s been fun.” They say “Welp, Twitter…” I guess she is acting as though she is just your average citizen. Welp, she put herself out there and her comment shows that the threat of free speech worries her.

  5. It’s funny to me how some in the media who champion free speech only champion free speech for those with similar views. I also find it interesting that people from both sides of the political spectrum seem to have issues with Mr Musk. He seems to be an enigma to so many.

    (I also have noticed that many in Hollywood are threatening to leave Twitter much like they threatened to leave the country after the 2016 election. Frankly I find this a good thing)

  6. From the way I see it, liberals say it’s free speech as long as you say something that agrees with them. I think they got smug when Twitter started canceling accounts of those whom libs didn’t like. It is possible to get too smug sometimes, and then paybacks are… you know…

    I would like it if Musk bought the rights to shows like The View and then just canceled it.

  7. Grammarians, feel free to add appropriate apostrophes.

    There used to be a thread here about stupid sayings.

    Erin Burnette could really dope up her show with “just sayin”.

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