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1 thought on “Buck Ritchey Obit (TNT 1973)

  1. Fond Memories of Buck Ritchey

    As a child in the 50’s in Seattle, on Saturday afternoons, me and my friends would often stand in line at the Madrona Garden Theater on Cherry Street. In 1950, for the paltry sum of 9 cents admission, we would watch two movies, a cartoon, and the current newsreel. It was the era of the Westerns, and so often we would leave the theater humming “I’m Back in the Saddle” or “Happy Trails to You”, as we thought of Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.

    I loved those Western songs, and it was a thrill to turn the dial to KVI, late at night and listen to Buck Ritchey, play all the great cowboy tunes of that era! Buck’s personality was magnetic, and you knew he was your good friend. In fact, one of my great thrills was seeing him spin the discs at the Puyallup Fair. I as a child of nine was mesmerized by watching him. Suddenly Buck looked up and waved to me with his million-dollar smile! I was truly in cowboy heaven!

    I followed Buck from KVI to Country KAYO. He was just as fantastic there, along with Bashful Bobby Wooton and all the other great disk jockeys! When he became ill, he openly discussed it with all his listeners, and we all prayed for him to recover! Unfortunately, we lost this wonderful man at the young age of 58. My happy memories of Buck Ritchey will last forever!

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