April 1, 1922: KGB Tacoma On The Air – Tacoma Ledger Claims KGB Quartet 1st Western Region Station Orchestra

The KGB FOUR, made their debut July 10, 1922 over KGB Tacoma. The Tacoma Ledger claims this is the only station in the Western region with it’s own orchestra. KGB is the station of the Tacoma Daily Ledger newspaper. The KGB Four is comprised of a banjo player, pianist, saxophonist and drummer. The young jazz quartet presentations were to be a regular feature on the station.

On this same day, July 10, 1922, “Uncle John” Shell of Greasy Creek, Kentucky, said to be the oldest man in the nation, died at the age 133. Born in Tennessee in 1788, Shell is survived by five sons and a daughter. Two sons will be attending the funeral. They are aged 90 and 7, a difference in their ages of 83 years. The youngest is the product of Shell’s marriage to his second wife. Shell’s three other sons and daughter were unable to attend. His first wife died 12 years earlier, at age 122.

Author: Jason Remington

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