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8 thoughts on “Rebecca Stevenson Joins KOMO Weekend News

  1. Oh how exciting but for how long is she going to take being a “weekend” weather reporter? I give her 6 months at most and “if” she cannot get the top position with airtime 5 days a week, ( meaning replacing Shannon)she will be gone. Then she can go to the east coast and maybe with the thousands of stations there she will find one she can rule.

    1. Yeah, it hate to agree with you on this issue…but clearly, she has an aggressive track record with her employment situations…She certainly will not replace Shannon…so once again, she might soon hit the road…And trying to get a bead on any aspect of her personal life is hard to do…no real info given as to having kids, marriage, etc…she keeps that stuff under wraps…of course, many folks here will say “so what”…but I think media people usually benefit from mentioning their more domestic side.

      1. Rebecca Stevenson’s personal life, and the personal lives of any other media personality, are just that. Personal. Saying anything otherwise is intrusive and invasive. Best to you, Rebecca.

  2. Glad to see Rebecca on Komo. I’d love to see her to replace Rich Marriott in the morning on her next move. That spot is in need of a change.

  3. Glad to see Rebecca on KOMO. I’d love to see her to replace The long time KING meteorologist in the morning on her next move.

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