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3 thoughts on “Long Before Gary Lockwood’s Police Blotter

  1. One of the most popular programs on KONP/Port Angeles in the 1970s when I worked there, was Sandy Keys reporting the activities from the Police Blotter. Keys injected just a hint of humor and many of the incidents were comical in themselves. People do stupid things and Sandy’s reports were the talk of the town. Sandy Keys was also a school teacher in Port Angeles and continued broadcasting for KONP for many years.

  2. I wish we still had a police blotter in local communities. There are times when I would like to know what is going on when I hear sirens. I do respect the right to privacy though. Even our local newspaper does not print everything. KTNT was certainly your favorite neighborhood radio station. If there was a fire in your neighborhood, KTNT was there. One time there was a loud explosion that shook our house and got the neighbors outside and away from Walt Disney. After a song was over, the dj backed announced it and gave the call letters, then reported the explosion. A few minutes later it was reported that an old golf clubhouse which has been closed for years was dynamited. Good local news reporting. Today it probably would not even be mentioned.

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