Tatevik Aprikyan Moves From Fox 13 To Newsy

Tatevik Aprikyan formerly with FOX 13 KCPQ is now anchoring for NEWSY, a new national prime-time news/interview program called “The Why.” Newsy is a division of E.W. Scripps Company.
Tatevik has been KING 5 anchor Greg Copeland’s main squeeze.
(Not bad at all, Greg)

Author: Jason Remington

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13 thoughts on “Tatevik Aprikyan Moves From Fox 13 To Newsy

  1. They’ve been together since 2017. 4 years. Just had their anniversary in Cancun. Says right there on their photos. She’s stunning and smart.

      1. Might wanna check your facts before writing stories. Right there on their profiles they’ve been together for a long time. Pretty sure they’re engaged, they live together, have a family and clearly serious.

    1. Also…one needs the ability to sling whatever political BS pays the most…”Newsy” is extremely right wing…situation ethics abounds in the media!

  2. If you read the lady’s bio, she’s far more than stunning, that’s just a plus. Speaks four languages, has a black belt and a career from npr, to the big networks, national stops, years in Seattle. Not surprised they tapped her for this gig. Seems way out Greg’s league, he’s not exactly who he comes across as.

    1. I assume you’ve “checked your facts” concerning Greg before writing such sharp remarks. Greg seems like a nice guy. Sounds like you hold a grudge for some reason, Ana.

      1. Hopefully you’ll correct the article with the facts, it’s important to get facts right and update when there is an error. Says right there on their profiles and other public coverage that they’ve been together for four years. We’ve all seen them together for a very long time now. Congratulations to more of our Seattle favorites for going national. And yes, not every “nice guy” i’s who they “seem” on air.

  3. Geez, this all sounds like a Sunday afternoon movie on the Lifetime channel…

    Will Bayer Aspirin start sponsoring this little soap opera, since tv soap operas are dying out?
    And whatever happened to Luke & Laura? They were so good together!

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