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6 thoughts on “Seattle Times Asks $4 For Sunday Print Edition

    1. Anything in today’s newspaper is old news, sometimes several days old. A story in yesterday’s News Tribune, the new Tacoma police chief is from Dallas. This is news released last week. It’s not worth 25 cents, let alone $4.

    1. I remember it well, Bruce. I was a Times paper boy in the early fifties. Subscriptions were 60ยข Sunday only, $1.25 Daily only, and $1.75 Daily and Sunday.

      The Times (“Today’s News Today”) had three daily editions: the Sunset Final, the Night Final, and, at news stands only, the Night Sports Final. There was also a Bulldog, the Sunday paper published on Saturday.

      We lived on E. 90th off Roosevelt Way and the closest news stand was on E. 45th & University Way. Every Saturday about 5:45 P. M., my dad, a true news junkie before the term was invented, would flip me a nickel (or was it a dime by then?) and the keys to his ’55 Olds Super 88 and send me on my way. That newspaper probably cost him eighteen cents by the time you figured in the cost of gas.

      Hearst’s Seattle Pee-Eye (known for its yellow journalism) also had three editions: the Sunrise Edition, the Sunrise Final, and the 6:00 A. M. Final. Its Sunday-on-Saturday paper was called a Raven.

      1. Those Sunday on Saturday editions were available in the 70s and I picked it up to get an early read on Victor Stredicke’s column. The Sunday paper was worth what we paid for it. Not so, these days.

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