KING 5 Hires Investigative Race and Equity Reporter

PJ Randhawa has joined KING 5 as Investigative Race and Equity Reporter. Randhawa was the Lead Investigative Reporter at NBC KSDK in St. Louis. What might her reporting look like?
Randhawa picked up the Edward R Murrow Award for investigative reporting (RTNDA May 2020)
for the investigative series titled ‘Bad Apple Teacher’, and the Missouri broadcasters award
from the Missouri broadcasters association (May 2019) Best investigative reporting for Best News Series- “abusing the badge”.

Author: Jason Remington

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10 thoughts on “KING 5 Hires Investigative Race and Equity Reporter

  1. Isn’t having the call letters “KING” racist, elitist, and screaming inequity? Maybe they need to consider a name change?

    KING5 Creating division day by day.

    1. Well, at first, I was ready to agree that KING connoted royalty, and was therefore racist. And then, welling up from my heart, came the realization that the call letters bring thoughts of the great leader, Martin Luther King. I contemplated on that and bless my soul, I realized that it was divine providence that the K-I-N-G call letters were chosen in 1949. Fate, maybe. That one day, this station would lean toward people of color and the cause of re-writing history, possible reparations for undeserving multitudes, promoting reverse racism and white guilt, hiring quotas, race-baiting and propaganda.
      KING-TV isn’t what it used to be, but neither is America. America is unrecognizable, as NBC’s Brian Williams said recently, speaking the sad, sad truth, the dirty lowdown.

  2. Dorothy Bullitt wanted to change the call letters of her newly purchased KEVR and chose KING simply because her station was in King County. She found that a freighter, the Watertown, had KING as its marine radio call. She contacted the ship’s owner and made a deal for the KING calls.

    In 1852, the Oregon Territorial Legislature created some new counties north of the Columbia River. Two of the counties were Pierce and King, named for President Franklin Pierce and Vice President William Rufus de Vane King. Pierce was against abolition and enforced the Fugitive Slave Act. King was a slave owner from Alabama.

    King spent more than thirty years in the United States Senate, whose Historical Office notes he was not known for his oratory and was perhaps best known for wearing long wigs. One historian described the Alabama Senator as a “tall, prim, wigtopped mediocrity.” President Andrew Jackson referred to him as “Miss Nancy”.

    King was also thought to have been in a years-long romantic relationship with President James Buchanan. The Senate Historical Office referred to them as “The Siamese Twins”. The Postmaster General referred to them as “Buchanan and his wife”. When King went abroad as a diplomat, Buchanan wrote: ‘I am now solitary and alone, having no companion in the house with me. I have gone a wooing to several gentlemen, but have not succeeded with any one of them.”

    Info from David Richardson’s fine book “Puget Sounds”, Wikipedia,, and my deteriorating gray matter.

    1. Geez! They were having a gay old time. I have Dave Richardson’s book. I will have to read it again, after I finish binge-watching Desperate Housewives.
      There is a sickness that runs through politicians and people in positions of power. They seem to be searching for something, often something dangerous or perverted.

    1. Are you speaking to the fact that KING 5 notoriously hires based on race– or is it a particular news reporting style KING 5 presents?

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