Jeff Snyder’s Rare Audio: KFKF/KBVU Station IDs

A few weeks ago I acquired a large assortment of open reel tapes at an estate sale, not having any idea of the content (over 100 tapes). In going through these I quickly discovered that many were for KRAB, and I have been in contact with Charles Reinsch (KRAB Archive) about those.

There are also a number of tapes with KFKF 1330, KBVU 1540, and KFKF 1540 (as Kemper Freeman jockeyed things around). Here is just a snippet of the intro for KFKF 1330 and Earl Smith (Smitty) and his Old Records show.

(1:44 listening time)

There’s perhaps 15-20 tapes with KFKF / KBVU “Smitty’s Old Records” content on them, and most are in good shape and complete. Might there be interest in digitized copies of these shows? I’m thinking that the jingles and commercials (not many) could be of local interest, but the actual music and history outlined by Smitty would be of more interest to a music historian (perhaps).

On a completely different matter, was the “like a bird in flight” motto a KBRD thing or a KSEA thing? I remember hearing that as a kid in the 70s.

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Author: Jason Remington

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6 thoughts on “Jeff Snyder’s Rare Audio: KFKF/KBVU Station IDs

  1. Happened to see one of my Dad’s radio old record programs. I was just a young kid in 1962 but remember my Dad prepping for these programs. Thanks, I really enjoyed hearing this . He did radio programs on various stations from the 1950’s to March of 1973.
    Bob Smith

    1. Thanks for checking in, Bob. It is rare that we receive old, specialty programming recordings like this. Always a pleasure to add such recordings here.

  2. Smitty’s show on KFKF was aired on Sunday mornings, 7am-10am, according to radio schedules from that time period. (1960)

    1. Correct Ed,
      Jeff Has been in contact with Charles Reinsch, Founder, Archivist and Historian, of The KRAB Archive, regarding other long-form KRAB audio. We will be posting other snippets from KFKF/KBVU, such as commercials and station IDs.

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