Shari Elliker Will Be New Co-Host With KIRO’s Curley

Shari Elliker is the new afternoon co-host with John Curley on KIRO Radio 97.3 – She replaces the retiring Tom Tangney. Elliker comes from Baltimore. Elliker has been a voice over artist for over 23 years and was most recently the Director Of Communications for the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services.

Author: Jason Remington

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6 thoughts on “Shari Elliker Will Be New Co-Host With KIRO’s Curley

  1. Amazing to me, that they had to roam all over the country to find a suitable partner for Curley…why not pick someone from your own backyard?…Oh, wait–I think Curley had a lot to say about this!

  2. I am curious about Curley lately…is he having some sort of late “mid-life” crisis?…Apparently he is living in a cabin near Cle Elum…he has not mentioned his wife in a very long time…did he get divorced again?…He seems to have wiped most all info about him off of the Internet…He is one sketchy dude–a wealthy one though!

  3. Yeah. Living in a remote cabin in the woods. You know there is no woman with him. No Starbucks or Nordstrom nearby.

      1. That is my thought also…but wow, he really has somehow scoured most any info about him off of the Internet, except for his professional activities…He used to mention his wife and family a lot…he still does refer to his kids on occasion…that “mid-life crisis” thing is for real!..I still expect him to be leaving KIRO in the next few months…that jack Stine dude is very entertaining, and like Curley, is mostly conservative/libertarian…he just might be the “new”Curley!…Tom T. picked a good time to retire.

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