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27 thoughts on “Brandi Kruse Quits FOX 13 – Leaving KCPQ After Seven Years

  1. just saw that commercial-she gotta pay the rent, but…
    BK could have shown true journalistic integrity by a parting shot editorial about all the demonstrably False Covid BS that Fox13 and all other local news shoves down viewers’ throats every. F’ng. Night. They are all indistinguishable from Pharma-Rep robots…

    “Where there is no courage to defy the Liars, there is no Journalism-only Propaganda…”
    -Edward R. Murrow(or someone like him)

  2. I’m not surprised that she is gone. After 7 years in this area I would say that there is no tolerance in Seattle for journalistic integrity or objectivity.

  3. Brandy, your honesty will be missed. You along with weather and traffic were the only honest ethical people at that station. Liz and the other phonies get the mute button. Now am weather has become a talk show with the new self absorbed jerk rambling on and on.

  4. I will really miss you, we came home from AZ to find that your gone, I loved hearing your comments on every aspect of life. You have a way about you and you come across so honest. We will miss that!

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