CHAB Radio – Moose Jaw Sports Report

This is not a spoof. Here is an actual sports report, the announcer regularly reported sports happenings each morning at 8:15 on CHAB Radio, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. The sponsor was Patterson Motors. I can’t find any other recording of his broadcasts. Pallie Pascoe had many fans out there in radio land, as well as many who were irritated by his delivery. This is a classic from 1962!

C H A B Sports Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan – Pallie Pascoe reporting (8:03)

Author: Jason Remington

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5 thoughts on “CHAB Radio – Moose Jaw Sports Report

  1. One thing about Pallie Pascoe, aside from his fabulous radio personality, he was a World War II veteran (Colonel A. W. “Pallie” Pascoe) and a civic-minded local figure there.

  2. Reminds me of one time Bob Robertson was doing a sports report. He must have finished an interview and forgotten to cut the guest mike. Every thirty seconds or so, he’d pause and there’d be a loud hacking cough about ten feet off mike. Hilarious.

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