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8 thoughts on “Jim Moore Calls Mike Salk A Prick, In So Many Words

  1. I already read the article in the News Tribune that Jim wrote and I had to come over here to see what you would say about it you didn’t say anything at all which is normal surprised you don’t have an opinion

    But I tend to agree with Jim more I don’t like Mike Salk I think he’s an ass and a prick he comes across that way on the radio to me and I didn’t like him when he was on air the first time then he left for Boston and came back again and obviously he isn’t a good program director

    But obviously Mike Salk knows how to get down on his knees and beg to keep a job

    I generally listen to KJR in the morning for part of the morning show unless those two hosts go into one of their phony draft programs or some stupid thing where they just ramble forever and not talk sports it’s just fantasy crap. I put up with softy and dick in the afternoon sometimes as well I will not listen to KJR if they’ve got McMillan or dick Baird on there and they do their husky shows I turn them off I’m tired of listening to all the crap about the Huskies.

    I personally think that the sports radio station in this town are weak and they could clean house and get better staff KIRO especially all you have to do is look at the ratings

  2. I’m sure this will work in Moore’s favor, he’s popular in this area. This area does not, for the most part, like East Coast transplants with prickly personalities.

  3. Jim Moore is my favorite media guy. I like him a lot and he’s very nice when you meet him in person. Salk is an asshole.

    1. I’m late to this party but, Ron….I agree 100% about Jim. I read him everytime his column came out in the TNT. He enraged me because I’m old school in that the West side of the state is supposed to be 85-99% focused on UW and the East side on WSU. That’s the way it was back when I was in school and college; and yes, I bleed (a lot of bleeding lately) purple and gold from my early childhood onward. So, I emailed Jim that he should be writing for the Spokesman-Review and not the TNT, Times, or P-I. I wasn’t brutal. I respected his great writing and one, didn’t want to get hammered by his incisive writing if he replied, and two, I just didn’t want to be a total prick.

      Jim did write back and he couldn’t have been more respectful, honorable, and professional. He and I email from time to time to this day, about 10 years later.

      He’s a good guy. I’m sorry he’s off air for now. BTW: I get the Spokesman daily delivered to my home in Spokane Valley. So, there’s that.

      As for Salk, I recall an on-air personality getting cited for DV4 or some misdemeanor a few years ago. I thought it was Salk. Am I wrong? Did he not get charged for something to do with assault, DV, or DUI? My memory was that’s why he was taken off the air and why he disappeared.

      I watch Salk daily (or listen over here on Spokane ESPN). It’s the only Seattle sports show I get (except the sadly, poorly produced Husky preview that had Nigel Burton and Cam as hosts first season. It was much better even though I really do like Terry Holliman…his co-host is getting better but she’s clearly a recent grad and is a Cougar. That’s sort of to be expected from the college with a great Communications/Broadcasting school. I don’t hold that against her.

      But, yeah, Salk pokes hornet’s nests and seems to be disingenuous.

      Sorry for the essay….

  4. I just can’t listen to Salk!
    He’s arrogant and thinks he knows way more than he does.
    As much as it pains me to listen to KJR I choose them when Salk is on.
    Enjoy most of the other KIRO sports talk shows though.
    Glad others share my opinion.
    I text KIRO frequently asking them to please ditch his ass but they don’t listen to me. Not that I expect them to!

  5. Couldn’t agree more with the preceding posts. Mike Salk is arrogant and lacks any real substance in discussions. How does Brock Huard put up with his nonsense? Guess the greater indictment here is the people who hired him and think he’s suited for this gig. Bad decision. He really needs to go.

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